Brand Audit + refresh

”Managing a team and trying to stay on top of their individual growth can be a daunting task, especially when we have our our own clients to serve. Bringing Kaleigh to our office in California to have face to face time with my team what is the shot in the arm we needed to re-energize, realign, and refocus. She’s like the wedding business chiropractor. She was able to dig deep get to the root of individual and collective hurdles with straightforward actionable tweaks to significantly change course to get to where we want to be. Branding is not just about a logo but an overall experience and psychology. Kaleigh has a deep understanding about what that is and is able to help businesses communicate that with their potential clients and partners. One of the best investments I have EVER made for my business!”

Michelle G. // Michelle Garibay Events Wedding Planner + Designer based in Southern California



Brand Audit

"Kaleigh was instrumental in helping me to refine my brand voice! I had an idea for the direction I wanted to go, but I needed someone to help me line up my personality with my messaging. Kaleigh was able to do just that through making small adjustments to my visual branding and suggesting changes to my choice in wording. Her approach is professional yet friendly - I felt like I was receiving feedback from a well-respected friend! As a result of our one-on-one together, I feel confident that my brand voice is consistent through my website, social media, and all marketing collateral!"
Emily Chappell // Photographer in Dallas, Texas

Graphic Design

“I loved working with Kaleigh on my pricing pdf. She went above and beyond what I was hoping for, listened to what I wanted (simplicity, minimalist aesthetic), and helped me work through a few revisions, without complaining and really fast. Her pricing was extremely reasonable and I was so happy to pay her for such a beautiful gift to my business.”

Phillip Van Nostrand // Photographer based in New York




“Working with Kaleigh Wiese on my rebranding was a dream come true. Giving up control of my branding was difficult for me; but with Kaleigh I felt like I had a partner that cared as much about my success as I do. Kaleigh took the time to truly understand both me and my clients. She created a strong logo and visual representation that speaks directly to my ideal clients. I could not be happier with the end result or more proud to present my logo to my couples and colleagues.”

Andrea Eppolito // Planner & Designer based in Las Vegas

Brand Audit

“Kaleigh took the time to learn about me, the business, and the visions of where I want the company to be. Even if you feel like you have a strong brand, she can help you understand ways to make the brand stronger and cohesive!”

Jason H. of Kentucky Pro DJ // Event DJ in Kentucky



Logo Refresh + Graphic Design

“As an established wedding and event venue, it was time for a fresh take and update to our branding materials and we were on the hunt for some guidance when we met Kaleigh. At our first branding consultation, we immediately could sense her talent for branding and design and her passion for serving others. Before making any adjustments, Kaleigh took the time to learn about our family, our business, and the clients we serve to gain a clearer picture of our mission to modernize our unique and luxury brand. From initial consultation to our branding guide book, from business cards to our venue information guide, every detail from grand to intimate was carefully and thoughtfully designed. Kaleigh is a great business partner. She is prompt, genuine, and open to collaboration! We are thrilled to work with her because of her professionalism and attention to detail. Above all, she helped bring cohesion to our materials, as well as offered a modern touch to our overall brand. We are so happy we met Kaleigh, as she has helped elevate our business! We recommend her 100%! “

Ian R. // Venue Director of Madera Estates

Logo Refresh

“Where do I begin, Kaleigh is just absolutely phenomenal. From the first time I messaged her, she was helpful and insightful without being pushy. She was also more than willing to make a meeting work for us even though I have a busy schedule and she’s 2 hours ahead! She really listens to you and gets you. She made me feel like she knew more about me than I did. I was willing to scrap my whole logo colors and everything and start from scratch. Kaleigh helped me realize I wasn’t too far off track and fused a couple of my ideas together to make a better one. She new what fonts and designs I would pick before I did. Her turn around time was so quick and the quality and quantity of work was amazing. I would recommend her to any one looking to re brand or just trying to start out with a logo. All my sites look so much more professional because of her suggestions and help. Because of her, I have a site and logo I’m 100% proud to show off. She gave me confidence again.”

Erika S. // Photographer in Portland



logo + graphic design

“I love partnering with Kaleigh Wiese! Whenever I am working on a new event, Kaleigh is my point person. I am not the easiest client...my goal is to host events that are over the top and one of a kind. Meldeen nails it every time. From the colors to the textures, to the words and designs...every detail reflects what I am hoping to create. A memorable experience for my family, friends and clients. If you want the extraordinary, talk to Kaleigh.”

Laurie C. // Venue in Spicewood, Texas

Brand Audit

“I recently had a brand strategy session with Kaleigh Wiese to review my brand. Wow is my first take away with our session. So much info to learn and work on to keep my brand on track. She had detail and precise ways to make sure that my brand was connecting. A brand audit is a must for any business and I highly recommend doing it with Kaleigh!!! I have already fixed and changed the things we discussed and I am super happy. Do it now, don't delay!!!”

George L. // Entertainment Business Owner in California




“We hosted an elegant Summer Retreat eager to present our new space to our event industry peers. We had the honor on featuring Kaleigh Wiese the founder of the luxury wedding branding company, as our special guest speaker who provided excellent tips about luxury event stationary and branding. Her knowledge and expertise on defining brands is exceptional. We enjoyed so much having her be a part of our lunch party. Our guests had an amazing time as we expect and it was a total success. Simply the best!”

Sara M. // Florist in Dripping Springs, Texas


“Kaleigh is a delight! Great communicator with lots of very valuable experience, useful insights, and specific advice [regarding auditing your visual brand + attracting Millennial & Gen Z buyers]. Our members/guests voted her “best of meeting” and definitely want her to return.”

Sally C. // Executive Director of Association of Wedding Gown Specialists